Assignment Two

Sitting here having just pressed the submit button on Assignment two, I nervously wonder should I have done that a day early, I am sure I could have reworked the whole assignment for the TENTH time!

As fellow blogger alanasmith79 also discuss through process in over drive have, I believe I am driving myself crazy thinking about over thinking and under thinking Assignment two.

Kelly Pates also seems to be reading my same thoughts about Why am I not spending time with my beautiful darling girls, is all this stress going to be worth it?????????????????


Missing scheduled posts

Thought I was getting super good at this bloging thing and made some scheduled posted to be organised while I was on my five weeks of Practical experience, at least that was what I had thought last week when I posted about my first week.

However technology has got the better of me and they are all gone disappeared ……………. here goes the rewrite stay tuned

Reflective thinking so far..

Is finding time so hard, it feels like it!
Just as Kate has expressed here in her Blog, I believe that my expectations of what I thought the courses was about, are most definitely not! What EDC3100 is actually about.
There is so much to learn, I hope (practice will be the tell) if I can recount all or most of the information I have been reading whist on the learning journey.

I must say that I’m trying to push (way) out of my comfort zone to complete this course,

Fingers crossed I’ll make it

Kelly Pates: My learning journing through the world of teaching and ICTS

The last couple of weeks have been absolutely crazy! Not only with assignments but working full time and being a mum. Half way through the semester and another massive assignment submitted for one of my other courses. I’m about to begin module 2 and the next assignment. I thought it was time for a bit of reflection on how far I have come already with this unit and what I have learnt so far.

At the start I was sure this course was simply going to teach us how to use a power point presentation in the classroom. I even thought that it would be easy as I have skills with basic ICTS. I now laugh at the fact that I used to think this. EDC3100 has been amazing but also challenging so far. I have learnt that there is more than just power points and that ICT should be…

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Real TV couch weather

This morning it was extremely hard to peel myself from my (limited slumber – ah a non sleeping Ten month old trying to get teeth) and assessment two) why it is that rainny cloudy weather makes me want to curl up in bed with Cuppa tea??

Anyway I did leave my warm cosy bed for children and work ) sneaking off to buy a coffee from the local cafe, I was waiting and reading a copy of the Courier mail. The article is about how Australia’s risk eroding our living standards if we don’t adapt to new technologies, referring to government policy reform.


After reading the article I remembered see this picture on an on-line article think the two link nicely.

Busting-Myths-Infographic-Final (

Increasing Technology has it’s down falls…

I was reading a fellow ICT blog regarding down falls of increased technology, while I do agree that in some instance technology can be “over used” As I progress through the weeks of this course my thinking is changing, Each time I read an article or reflect on the study desk activities I am know always thinking about how can I use that I a classroom.
While researching my PKM I bookmarked this article on Valuable Teacher Tool: The Smartphone! (

jasmine ICT & PEDAGOGY

Today I went shopping for my youngest sons birthday which is coming up. I shopped at one of the big chain stores (didn’t think it was right to mention it’s name). Anyway I hadn’t shopped here for a least a year…I was shocked to see hardly any staff on the floor when I was searching for staff assistance in the toy section. After walking to almost the other end of the store I found someone who was quite busy stacking shelves.Then after tracking down the presents I was looking for I went to pay, there was no staff at the checkouts! Ghost town… :-O

There was about 10 self service checkouts, I had to assist the elderly lady in front of me because she didn’t have a clue how to use them! It made me think…what’s it going to be like for my kids when they’re adults? I think it’s…

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Is this a trick activity?????

The study desk had this activity below – I am really unsure about my answers (see them in red) is this a trick activity seems to easy to me, am I way off with my answers?

Identify components of Stage 3 – Learning Plan

  1. Download and save locally the Year 12 Legal Studies unit plan.
  2. Examine Stage 3 from the example unit plan and look for answers to the following questions:
    1. How many learning experiences were included in the unit? three
    2. What are the topics/titles of each learning experience? Topic: How does the criminal justice system fit into the legal system? Objectives focus on Dimension 1 constructing knowledge. Topic: What makes an act a criminal offence? Aligned to Dimension 2 objective.Topic: Making Judgments on outcomes in criminal matters. Aligns to Dimension 2 and 3 objectives.
    3. How many activities did each learning experience have? each had three
    4. How long did each of the learning experiences last for? 1 two weeks,  2 and 3 three weeks
    5. How many lessons did each learning experience last for? 1. 6, 2. 5, 3. 9

What to do when its not clear

Working through the study desk there was information about use Bloom’s Taxonomy as a guide for lesson planning, I had heard the name but wasn’t sure really what

“Bloom’s Taxonomy” was…..

Doctor Google to the rescue

Fount this webpage

that had an interactive model

A Model of Learning objectives

based on –  A Taxonomy for Learning, Teaching, and Assessing: A Revision of Bloom’s Taxonomy of Educational Objectives.

Where if you roll the mouse over the explanation comes up, found this very easy to follow.

The moving bar table uses The cognitive process dimension, The knowledge dimension each at an end roll the mouse on a square and the cosponsoring learning objective is displayed.

This has help me so putting it out their on my blog for others!

Interesting resource/Blog page

If you haven’t read or seen jump over to Facebook, Pinterest or the website of Considerate classroom (Early Childhood Special Education: A Thoughtful Approach to Embedded Learning) for great classroom resources.

While there take the time to read the wonderful article – Using Work Systems to Create Educational iPad Success

Great descriptions of using visuals with the iPad, these ideas will make classwork or home even better – a how to create healthy balance, what everyone needs

PCK and designing learning

During week four we were asked to find and share a useful PCK resource.

What is PCK? may you ask

A PCK resource is anything that describes some PCK knowledge. It could even be a blog post you write sharing some existing bit of PCK you have developed. Or, it could be something you find on-line

If we go back to week two and look at what PKM was – Pedagogical knowledge management,

OK so PCK -Pedagogical Content Knowledge, now we are getting some where

I Google searched and found an article on Enhancing Practising Primary School Teachers’ Pedagogical Content Knowledge in Technology.

I read through and found the article very interesting and very “IN” the moment considering I am trying to say on point and learn how to use ICT in the classroom.

I enjoyed learning about the seven characteristics or features of pedagogical content knowledge that they believe are important for effective teaching and learning in technology are presented.

You can find this article shared in our ICT Dingo group.

Stage 1 – Desired Results – activity one

OK so I have been reading about Constructing and Transforming knowledge in relation to lesson planning and desired results of what we teach.

“Constructing (declarative) knowledge is the answer to this question. What do we want students to know and understand – concepts, facts and/or procedures?” EDC3100

“Transforming (procedural) knowledge is the answer to this question. What do we want students to be able to do when they apply and transform their knowledge?” EDC3100

I am sharing two objectives as per the activity here hoping its correct-

Curriculum – Australian curriculum

Specific learning -English


Constructing knowledge-

Understand concepts about print and screen, including how books, film and simple digital texts work, and know some features of print, for example directionality (ACELA1433)

Transforming knowledge-

Construct texts using software including word processing programs (ACELY1654)