Last post for this subject

As many students have done over this weekend

Including this post from Michael, I too am making a final post officially signing off this blog spot, possible not my final post I really would like to start a blog post more with me in mind and what I would like to say instead of “needed” posts.

I have liked not liked ever changing my mind about this whole experience, as the time that it consumed was way over the top I did learn alot about improving my teaching pedology, so thank you EDC3100 for that.

Thanks Bye


Handy references used on prac

Hello all just thought I would post some of the handouts and videos I used that were great on prac!

Maths place value-

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One’s Ten’s Hundreds-

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Equal groups-

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RAT Assessment Framework tool available free on iOS and Android

While goggling the RAT framework came across this link, thinking it maybe very handy to use this app in the future.

RAT Assessment Framework tool available free on iOS and Android

A tool for teachers and tech integrators to help in a reflective look at effective use of technology in schools. This tool is designed to be used to examine technology use in a holistic way across a unit of work or series of lessons.


cyber safety training

Completing the learning path for EDC3100, we were required to complete cyber safety training.
This was done using connected.ed
This site is fantastic, it has awesome parent resources that I will most defiantly be using.
As fellow EDC3100 Blogger jWillcocks ( states Cyber safety is so important! simply put, but so understated the fears I have form my own children as the grow is huge!
My certificate will at least help me explain that I do know how to try to direct them and any students that may have difficulty.

Blogs – What are They Good For?

To be honest I have to agree with Simon and Jenny, What is my blog good for would I even want to read it?
I had a very grand thoughts of my self at the beginning (henis the blog name). Blogs are hard work how do people manage to have time? I would dearkly love to incorparate interesting topics to me but dont have the time so I am just going trough the mossions of keeping up with the minimum post required.
Feel really sad about that, wondering if I will keep the blog going after this course, not sure ?

Jenny@USQ- a student blog

A post by a friend and fellow EDC3100er, Simon, got me thinking about our blogs that we have all been writing for what seems like a lifetime now (I am not being derogatory – I just lose track of time when doing uni studies). Now Simon was querying

“to what depth are all of these blogs being punched out each week achieving? Does anyone recall or can they pinpoint a specific element of more than a couple of their blogs that has impacted them in any way that carries forward any ‘use’ whatsoever?”

and I would have to say I agree with him. Personally, throughout the blogging process, I have thought some of my own posts lacked the substance I have would have liked to achieve but can see several reasons for it:

– it is something I have never done or even considered before

– I am not an…

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Time Flies When You’re Having Fun!

Week 3 May 20, 21, 22 2015 for me done and dusted I was completing the weeks reflection when I came across the post. Some of the parts of this post have been the same with me –
When they have written about
“really think I am become a lot more confident in my planning and teaching of lessons. It is a nice feeling to have to rush back to my lesson plan”

finished my 1/3 of the day lessons two day middle group Maths.

I can completely agree with their statement, I have felt that I confidently wrote and constructed the lesson plans. I had been terrified going into the two days- are my strategies enough, am I teaching the correct wording, GOD I hope I don’t get it wrong! Are all the thoughts running around inside my head at the beginning of the week.
Do I just put faith in the the lesson plans I did and have confidence that I CAN DO it!

ok so I just went with it, most of the ICT worked, using Google crome remote on the iPad (as I siad last week)was fantastic so much better then going back and forth to the mouse.
each ICT worked beautifully and student were reflecting back to them and using them as strategies to complete their work. (awesome just what I wanted!)

Work to the wise however check the volume before you play a video, it may be on full max volume and I am telling you know the next room may not be overly happy with the noise, opps)

Keeping up and catching up with ICT

Good Morning Everyone 🙂


Well its a beautiful Sunday morning and I am stuck in my brothers hotel working for him while he jet sets off all over Europe … BUT alas the return to prac tomorrow for day 6 which I am looking forward too..

I have only really used ICT effectively in one of my lessons and definitely finding it challenging with my extremely ‘old school’ teacher to let me do my ‘new school’ ways but we are slowly getting there and she is an incredible teacher so I am learning a lot.

Reflecting on the first week, it went SO quickly I cant believe I am one third through the PE already… its crazy. I have met my goals of learning all of the students names (it helps that I taught some of them on a previous PE haha) but also, really think I am become a…

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Reflection Week two May 13, 14, 15 2015

Week two May 13, 14, 15 2015

This week to warm up to teaching 1/3 of the day, it was my task to teach 6 mini lessons of 15 mins each, placed before morning tea and before lunch. These lessons were of my choice with no link to the current teachers plans, this was to show my mentor how the class reacted to me as their teacher and also as not to impact the current weeks testing for assessment process.
I submitted my plans with links two the year two ACC.
I must admit I did go with my comfort zone for the foundation of the first few lessons. (as I have an Early Childhood back ground).
The little old lady who swallowed a fly  (love this book, I also have the puppet and animals to stuff her with (cool!))
When planning the lesson’s I tried to limit each to 15 mins, however practically when reflecting after what I had organised went longer (wow cant believe how quick 15 min goes), I will need to adjust this when future planning.
All children seemed interested and engaged by the topic.
I was excited that the children were able to tell my the reason behind rhyming poems (aka – the rhyming word end the same), glad this part of the lesson worked really well.
Disappointed that when working the slide show you have to go back and forth to the mouse attached to the computers, as I felt some children lost interest and I was not able to be completely focused on student behaviour (groups taking).
I spoke with the ICT teacher for the school and am the first to trial a new app so that the IWB and laptop can be controlled vis the I Pad or I Phone called Goggle chrome, fingers crossed that works better then the current system.
Overall I am please with the way most children listened to me and interacted. I feel that I still need work when having students return answers to questions as that sometimes was messy and loud.
I felt that I easily managed the group and was confident when redirecting any students behaviours that were inappropriate.
I will leave you all with a picture of a worksheet where I had children think of their own words for the little old lady.
(gave me the biggest giggle – if you cant read it says I know an old Ninja who swallowed a whinger. I don’t know why he swallowed a whinger perhaps he’ll die. Just for the record (cause i had to ask the student) a whinger is a little baby that cry’s all the time)

first week reflection

“Lost post from last week”

May 6, 7, 8 th 2015

Wow my first week is done and dusted. Really enjoyed my first three days, the whole school seems so friendly.

I have been mostly observing (did teach some small groups at reading group time) the year two class. I have been intently watching the teacher incorporate ICT in the classroom. which mostly work however as a class teacher I can see their frustration when the said ICT doesn’t work, and the length that it can take to make work while still trying to manage a class.

Some of the ICT used in the classroom so far –

  • utube songs
  • slide shows
  • scanned pages of book work to use on the IWB
  • Ipad games from spelling and maths
  • laptops for small group reading
  • website soundwaves kids sent home for spelling comprehension for parents

Very interesting start to my prac feeling excited!

First day nerves

So Wednesday came very quick and of I was on my First day.

First day nerves

wow why was I nervous, everyone I meet from teacher to aid to students have been awesome greeting me and making me fell so welcomed.

I observed their routine and got to see some ICT in action (or some not ICT)

I really did have to laugh as the very first time I am witnessing ICT in an actual classroom and the U Tube video that the class have been using to practice for their concert in a few weeks is now no longer an active link (insert sad face) now wondering what they will use?

here is hoping I get to see some successful attempts at ICT

Prac is coming are you ready?

Having meet with my Practical placement school and mentor, I read Kellypates blog post and through awesome really like those 8 strategies.
I am super hoping they will come in handing as I nervously get ready for my first day next Wednesday the 6th of May.
Feeling lots of Butterflies!

Kelly Pates: My learning journing through the world of teaching and ICTS

So prac is coming up fast now and i know i am starting to stress  about how i will go. i have been looking around for tips on how to survive through it and things to help me be as prepared as i can. I found some really helpful advice so i thought i would share it for all those others out there who are starting to stress out just a little about the 3 weeks coming our way.

Do your homework!

Make sure you know how to get to your new school, what time to arrive, where to park and what to wear. You don’t want to be stressing over these things an hour before you’re expected in the classroom.

Be excited (but nurture that scaredy cat inside of you too!)

Enthusiasm will have you off to a great start – you’ll energise your students and they will think…

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