Time Flies When You’re Having Fun!

Week 3 May 20, 21, 22 2015 for me done and dusted I was completing the weeks reflection when I came across the post. Some of the parts of this post have been the same with me –
When they have written about
“really think I am become a lot more confident in my planning and teaching of lessons. It is a nice feeling to have to rush back to my lesson plan”

finished my 1/3 of the day lessons two day middle group Maths.

I can completely agree with their statement, I have felt that I confidently wrote and constructed the lesson plans. I had been terrified going into the two days- are my strategies enough, am I teaching the correct wording, GOD I hope I don’t get it wrong! Are all the thoughts running around inside my head at the beginning of the week.
Do I just put faith in the the lesson plans I did and have confidence that I CAN DO it!

ok so I just went with it, most of the ICT worked, using Google crome remote on the iPad (as I siad last week)was fantastic so much better then going back and forth to the mouse.
each ICT worked beautifully and student were reflecting back to them and using them as strategies to complete their work. (awesome just what I wanted!)

Work to the wise however check the volume before you play a video, it may be on full max volume and I am telling you know the next room may not be overly happy with the noise, opps)

Keeping up and catching up with ICT

Good Morning Everyone 🙂


Well its a beautiful Sunday morning and I am stuck in my brothers hotel working for him while he jet sets off all over Europe … BUT alas the return to prac tomorrow for day 6 which I am looking forward too..

I have only really used ICT effectively in one of my lessons and definitely finding it challenging with my extremely ‘old school’ teacher to let me do my ‘new school’ ways but we are slowly getting there and she is an incredible teacher so I am learning a lot.

Reflecting on the first week, it went SO quickly I cant believe I am one third through the PE already… its crazy. I have met my goals of learning all of the students names (it helps that I taught some of them on a previous PE haha) but also, really think I am become a…

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