Prac is coming are you ready?

Having meet with my Practical placement school and mentor, I read Kellypates blog post and through awesome really like those 8 strategies.
I am super hoping they will come in handing as I nervously get ready for my first day next Wednesday the 6th of May.
Feeling lots of Butterflies!

Kelly Pates: My learning journing through the world of teaching and ICTS

So prac is coming up fast now and i know i am starting to stress  about how i will go. i have been looking around for tips on how to survive through it and things to help me be as prepared as i can. I found some really helpful advice so i thought i would share it for all those others out there who are starting to stress out just a little about the 3 weeks coming our way.

Do your homework!

Make sure you know how to get to your new school, what time to arrive, where to park and what to wear. You don’t want to be stressing over these things an hour before you’re expected in the classroom.

Be excited (but nurture that scaredy cat inside of you too!)

Enthusiasm will have you off to a great start – you’ll energise your students and they will think…

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