Reflective thinking so far..

Is finding time so hard, it feels like it!
Just as Kate has expressed here in her Blog, I believe that my expectations of what I thought the courses was about, are most definitely not! What EDC3100 is actually about.
There is so much to learn, I hope (practice will be the tell) if I can recount all or most of the information I have been reading whist on the learning journey.

I must say that I’m trying to push (way) out of my comfort zone to complete this course,

Fingers crossed I’ll make it

Kelly Pates: My learning journing through the world of teaching and ICTS

The last couple of weeks have been absolutely crazy! Not only with assignments but working full time and being a mum. Half way through the semester and another massive assignment submitted for one of my other courses. I’m about to begin module 2 and the next assignment. I thought it was time for a bit of reflection on how far I have come already with this unit and what I have learnt so far.

At the start I was sure this course was simply going to teach us how to use a power point presentation in the classroom. I even thought that it would be easy as I have skills with basic ICTS. I now laugh at the fact that I used to think this. EDC3100 has been amazing but also challenging so far. I have learnt that there is more than just power points and that ICT should be…

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