Increasing Technology has it’s down falls…

I was reading a fellow ICT blog regarding down falls of increased technology, while I do agree that in some instance technology can be “over used” As I progress through the weeks of this course my thinking is changing, Each time I read an article or reflect on the study desk activities I am know always thinking about how can I use that I a classroom.
While researching my PKM I bookmarked this article on Valuable Teacher Tool: The Smartphone! (

jasmine ICT & PEDAGOGY

Today I went shopping for my youngest sons birthday which is coming up. I shopped at one of the big chain stores (didn’t think it was right to mention it’s name). Anyway I hadn’t shopped here for a least a year…I was shocked to see hardly any staff on the floor when I was searching for staff assistance in the toy section. After walking to almost the other end of the store I found someone who was quite busy stacking shelves.Then after tracking down the presents I was looking for I went to pay, there was no staff at the checkouts! Ghost town… :-O

There was about 10 self service checkouts, I had to assist the elderly lady in front of me because she didn’t have a clue how to use them! It made me think…what’s it going to be like for my kids when they’re adults? I think it’s…

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