Is this a trick activity?????

The study desk had this activity below – I am really unsure about my answers (see them in red) is this a trick activity seems to easy to me, am I way off with my answers?

Identify components of Stage 3 – Learning Plan

  1. Download and save locally the Year 12 Legal Studies unit plan.
  2. Examine Stage 3 from the example unit plan and look for answers to the following questions:
    1. How many learning experiences were included in the unit? three
    2. What are the topics/titles of each learning experience? Topic: How does the criminal justice system fit into the legal system? Objectives focus on Dimension 1 constructing knowledge. Topic: What makes an act a criminal offence? Aligned to Dimension 2 objective.Topic: Making Judgments on outcomes in criminal matters. Aligns to Dimension 2 and 3 objectives.
    3. How many activities did each learning experience have? each had three
    4. How long did each of the learning experiences last for? 1 two weeks,  2 and 3 three weeks
    5. How many lessons did each learning experience last for? 1. 6, 2. 5, 3. 9

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