PCK and designing learning

During week four we were asked to find and share a useful PCK resource.

What is PCK? may you ask

A PCK resource is anything that describes some PCK knowledge. It could even be a blog post you write sharing some existing bit of PCK you have developed. Or, it could be something you find on-line

If we go back to week two and look at what PKM was – Pedagogical knowledge management,

OK so PCK -Pedagogical Content Knowledge, now we are getting some where

I Google searched and found an article on Enhancing Practising Primary School Teachers’ Pedagogical Content Knowledge in Technology.

I read through and found the article very interesting and very “IN” the moment considering I am trying to say on point and learn how to use ICT in the classroom.

I enjoyed learning about the seven characteristics or features of pedagogical content knowledge that they believe are important for effective teaching and learning in technology are presented.

You can find this article shared in our ICT Dingo group.



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