Are books old fashioned

I was reading an article in a local paper, about reading to your children the title read Books will never be old fashioned-

See here for article -

I liked that they were trying to bring awareness about the importance of early reading to our children. However not sure that I agree with the title of the article.

Were I work we are a lets read community ( so we strongly promote the important message of literacy to families and our wider community.

Literacy is a vital skill if we are to properly function within our community. BUT is it just books, with the introduction of ITC in to our society Literacy can take on many forms other than just a book.

The article seems to me to refers to 21st century technology as a side note not that it can enhance.

it’s easy to think that reading stories and nursery rhymes to your child is old fashioned and outmoded. Nothing could be further from the truth.  It’s the interactive and hands on experiences children have with their parents and other important adults in their life that best supports their development.

I think that when they talk about being hands on and interactive that more means to be as a parent that the importance of being with my child reading books, singing songs, using U tube to sing songs, stories on I-Library, etc..


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