Assignment two and Prac

Looking through the reader on wordpress looks as if other students may all be thinking along the same lines as me.

alanasmith79 and FARKRY post about assignment two, as they have done I have also submitted only after re-writing the lesson plan three times as I kept second guessing myself.

Oh well only forward from here to my practical placement which I start early on Wednesday (as I applied for an exemption on days, so will be attending three days a week not five).

I have been to visit the school and been given the grand tour, then spent 2.5 hours with me lovely mentor teacher discussing my bazillion question (thanks to her for staying back to chat with me).

As emmacatherinewilson states I am also super excited about prac (not sure if my time management will be by week five) I also have some worries not on the teacher student interaction but on the using of ICT funny enough my mentor teacher is hoping to learn from me as

she said “ICT never work for me I always have bad luck” here is hoping we don’t share the same luck!

I am hoping that Kelly’s 8 awesome strategies help me through the next 15 days of prac   (


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