ITC and Change

Still working through week 2 learning path – bad girl – hand slap

Postman’s 5 things to know – activitie ask us to:

Drawing on your own experience – either when teaching or more broadly throughout your life – think of an example of technological change and how it fits with one of Postman’s 5 things.

This got me thinking about my life’s journey….. My children will never have my ITC experience.

I feel my experiences come under Postman’s theory – Technology is ecological, not additive, I have seen a lot of change (not saying I am old lol)

My list of change-

1. My childhood home was powered by solar energy and a generator

The solar which powered our necessities lights, water pump etc,

To wash, iron, watch TV  we would have to start the generator. TV was a privilege!

2.In my late teens I had –

A Diskman (

A Hyper colour t-shirt (

(which mind you I thought was super cool!)

I will also add I had a snap band! ( funny how they are making a come back 🙂

I grow up in a small country town (where most surrounding areas had to bus to attend our school) in my whole high school we had 400 students (14 short years ago From when I left high school). I Left high school and travelled 1600 km to university to attend one lecture with 400 students (all in the same room). I took notes at my lectures with a Dictaphone (hand held, thought I was the bees knees having that sort of expensive tool)

File:2007-12-29 Sony dictaphone M-727V.jpg

At this same time-  I got my first phone, so I could call home!

The good old (brick) noika (my first phone bill cost me $450 dollars – opps, none of the phone plans we have these days)

If you think about these examples (hopefully someone out there can relate):

Our solar couldn’t even power our old BOX TV (even TV’s have evolved), Music can be transported with a massive list of smart devices, phones are the size of our palm with so many mixed uses, Touch screen phones, tablets, computers, look at what that technology can do now!

Where/what will ICT be when my girls are teenagers?


4 thoughts on “ITC and Change

  1. Back in my place we still have lot of catching up to do with the rest of the world. As their rules don’t permit to use phones within the premises and for the office we still use 1994 windows computer which continue to crash but they still somehow find a way to keep using it.


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