Smart phones and kids

I was sitting watching the news last night with Darling miss Two sitting next to me and Miss 8 Months on my lap. Miss Two was playing a counting game on Grandma’s I-Pad. News head line reads “free-service-allows-parents-to-control-their-child’s-smartphone-use”. Yep feeling instantly funny in the tummy knowing full well Miss Two is currently being amused by granny’s I-Pad. Start to focus intently on the TV for information. Find myself nodding agreement to all the comments the reporter is saying “children as young as three being given smart phones”

Twelve is the age when most children are allowed their first device, but some parents have given their three-year-old child their own phone.

My biggest worry about technology is Parent free internet access by young children, every game has built in pop ups to “buy this”, “upgrade to that”. I have restriction settings on using the I-Pad’s restriction settings but is it enough?

With the proliferation of the technology comes the worry about who children are talking to or texting, who is trying to get in touch with them, and what websites they are browsing.

I intently listened to the whole report and thought wow that is a great idea!

The service enables parents to block specific in going and out going calls and texts, set up a safe list of numbers and websites, and set time limits on web browsing and calls.

As extra precaution (in conjunction with app setting restrictions), especially for young children and Love that you may be able to limit time access as I have seen some of the children whom come into child care, can be on their I-Pads (brought from home) all day if you let them. Read more at:


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