I made a post last week regarding my Darling Miss Two (part one), on which I gratefully received a comment.

Hey there! Sorry to hear about your experience, I too am conflicted about being able to complete the tasks throughout the week (including blog posts), but I think we can all manage! I’m not sure about your studying, but what I’ve started doing is doing essentially a backlog. I’ve made work documents titled “blog #2″ and written out what I could post the next day and continued like that. If you have spare time for one blog post, maybe try to quickly (at least begin) another in a word document, ready and prepared for the next day! I hope this helps! Good luck (caitlinbroom, 2015)

As sated I was grateful for this as it made me think about time management and my organisation skills.

I thought my phone is always with me why not take advantage of that, but typing is too slow!thinking-light-bulb-clip-art-18a610edb05ad378090778d74e7449bb-light-bulb-clip-art

I am classifying it as working towards my PKM (Personal Knowledge Management), it helps me make sense of things and makes my life easier. I have decided to use a dictation app/ Voice record app so that each time a have a reflection or thought I can talk and record so that later I can scribe it on to a blog post which is what I have done here, so thanks heaps caitlinbroom!


Image retrieved from:, March 10, 2015.


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