Welcome Week Two


After thinking about last week and completing the all the learning tasks in week ones learning path, I am feeling less confused and surprised.

Surprised- at the amount of ICT used in schools.

Surprised- that I really wasn’t aware of how integrated it was in schools.

Surprised- that I am doubting my ability (not the norm of my super independent feminist self), not sure if  I am able to do some of the ICT task however with repetition and practical practice I am sure I will be able to, but still thinking wow there is a lot involved with ICT.

Not really having had any real try/use of ICT everything in the first week of the learning path seemed so foreign.

As I working through week two I’m feeling less out of control then I did at the start of last week and freaking out.

I am feeling very excited to have the hands on experience while at placement because a the moment I am feeling as if some things we may not actually be used in real life situations.

I have begun to follow other student blogs and some blogs of teachers.

The teaching blogs are very interesting to me as some have real lesson plans and discussions about working skills.

This is working to light my fire and leading me to be more excited as the days progress!


One thought on “Welcome Week Two

  1. Hi Coral,

    It sounds like you have really engaged in the reflective practice; it’s so important to be aware and open when studying a course like this. It can be a bit confusing at times as I have found, but as teachers we need to be open-minded and embrace all of what is available to us and then decipher what would best suit our context of learners.
    It is great to be following some teacher blogs to offer more perspective from the inside and to use that to inform your own pedagogy.
    I am still trying to catch up on the learning paths but I am feeling confident!
    All the best,

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