Darling miss Two (part one)

EDC3100 says 3 blog post per week. This seems to be easy unless you are trying desperately to juggle everything!

Every night this week I haven’t been to bed before 11:30 pm (not asleep just lying down, as then Miss 8 months wakes for a feed) as Miss two is so very helpful while mummy is working on the computer.

When I say very helpful I am being extremely sarcastic!

One eventful evening this week, I was happily working on my second blog post (thinking Daddy had put Miss two to bed), when BAM! computer goes blank black screen dead.

This lead to me waving my hand and talking aggressively (I say this to nice!) to the computer be for noticing Miss two out of the corner of my eye, with the power cord in her hand!

“Miss two what are you doing?” I say probably a little to loud, She spins around with her eyes extremely wide, “Mummy I help you”.

I look at her an say “Oh really, thanks but not actually the help I need right now darling, where is daddy?”

“OnZZZZZZZZZZZ, daddy sleeping my bed mummy” says Miss two.

Well there goes that blog post!

I take Miss Two to bed, thinking how am I going to realistic going to manage this?




2 thoughts on “Darling miss Two (part one)

  1. Hey there! Sorry to hear about your experience, I too am conflicted about being able to complete the tasks throughout the week (including blog posts), but I think we can all manage! I’m not sure about your studying, but what I’ve started doing is doing essentially a backlog. I’ve made work documents titled “blog #2” and written out what I could post the next day and continued like that. If you have spare time for one blog post, maybe try to quickly (atleast begin) another in a word document, ready and prepared for the next day! I hope this helps! Good luck 🙂

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