Darling Miss Two (part 2)

Some realisation Miss two is growing up in the tec savvy world, she knows how to swipe and use my Iphone. Miss two also know how to touch my “Touch screen computer” and have things happen (not always what I need).

It is funny to think how much they take in just by watching you when you don’t realize.

After much thought and (what I am hoping is a) LIGHT BLUB moment, while shopping at Aldi.

I brought a small play phone (lookalike) Iphone and a small Tablet (see pictures)

FullSizeRender (2)

The phone makes animal noise – you have to find and match the animal ect The tablet makes animal noises and plays songs2

I have also given her an old mouse and tablet cover with keyboard

1In the hope that Miss two will play with these instead of being so interested in “HELPING MUMMY”!

Currently she is sitting next to me on her computer telling me “mine mummy no touch”.

I can say that it is working so far so good. I fact maybe too good all I now hear in the morning is “mummy where is my phone?” (think she listens to me a little to much)


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