New Perspective

“Ummmmmmmm”, is currently what I am telling myself.

I have just re-embarked back on my education journey, after having some time off having my two girls, and I’m thinking what have I done!

I am I already in over my head!

I tell myself yes your tec savvy, Facebook -Check, I got no worries all over that (thanks too 2am breastfeed). I phone -Check….

Blogging, feedle and diigo what are these words? all new to me! Twitter no never, I only just set up a Instagram account.

I am beginning to think -scratch that- know my two year old has leaps ahead of me!

Sure I know what ICT in education means, slap no wrong again.

lf I am to be successful in this new journey EDC3100 I have a giant step in self discovery  “what is ICT and Pedagogy to me?”


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